With references such as Christina Perri and Lana Del Rey, Hello Ocean offers a thrilling mix of indie pop and country blues, with dark, but hopeful tones. With straight, thought-provoking lyrics that hit right in the heart, the listener is rarely left untouched. After three successful single releases during the fall of 2019, Hello Ocean’s debut album ”Fragments” was released on Januari 24th 2020! Produced in Falun, Sweden by music producer Erik Berglund (Fluru, Good Harvest).

“In a mysterious wide-room atmosphere where you could hear a needle fall, the newest release of Stina Svensson, better known as Hello Ocean, sends shivers down your spine. (…) It’s amazing how Svensson manages to transmit this huge amount of emotion just with her voice. I’m telling you guys, these vocals put a spell on you.” – Florian Maier, KMS Reviews

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